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Welcome to The Inland Empire Chapter of CSEA

Welcome to The Inland Empire Chapter of CSEA
The Inland Empire Chapter CSEA endeavors to provide our members with the very best professional environment to further the advancement of your profession. We strive to provide the best in educational opportunities through rousing and interesting monthly dinner meetings and periodical advanced education seminars.


NEXT DINNER MEETING: May 13th Dinner Meeting


IRS Stratagies on Identity Theft and Online Resources

Kristen Deazeley, IRS Stakeholder Liaison 


Location: The Hotel

                285 E Hospitality Ln

                San Bernardino, CA                                                                
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Board Meeting:  4:00PM

Social: 5:30PM

Dinner: 6:00 to 7:00PM
CE Presentation: 7:00PM to 9:00PM

Cost: $42 members
          If registered by 05/08/2015

         $47 non-members
    If registered by 05/08/2015

         $50 members          after 05/08/15 to 05/13/15

         $55 no-members      after 05/08/15 to 05/13/15   



Her presentation will discuss the IRS strategy to prevent identity theft, including prevention, detection and victim assistance.  The discussion will cover tagging victim accounts, applying special filters before processing, and partnering with local law enforcement.  Business related identity theft will be discussed along with what tax practitioners should know to assist their clients.  Online resources will outline the newest online resources on IRS.gov that are available to taxpayers and practitioners.  These will include the Online Payment Agreement (OPA); OIC Pre-Qualifier Tool; Direct Pay; and Get Transcript.

About The Speaker

Kristen joined the IRS in 2004 as a Revenue Agent where she performed examinations of sole proprietorships, C Corporations and flow through entities.  She has held acting assignments as a Field Examination group manager, Taxpayer Advocate Group Manager and performed details with National Research Program.

She holds a B.A. with concentrations in both Accounting and Communication. 





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