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Welcome to The Inland Empire Chapter of CSEA

Welcome to The Inland Empire Chapter of CSEA
The Inland Empire Chapter CSEA endeavors to provide our members with the very best professional environment to further the advancement of your profession. We strive to provide the best in educational opportunities through rousing and interesting monthly dinner meetings and periodical advanced education seminars.




October 14th Dinner Meeting


Deceased Taxpayer

Gary Quackenbush , Esq

Location: Double Tree by Hilton

                285 E Hospitality Ln

                San Bernardino, CA                                                                
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Board Meeting:  4:00PM

Social: 5:30PM

Dinner: 6:00 to 7:00PM
CE Presentation: 7:00PM to 9:00PM

Cost: $42 members
          If registered by 10/09/2015

         $47 non-members
    If registered by 10/09/2015

         $50 members          after 10/09/15 to 10/14/15

         $55 no-members      after 109/09/15 to 10/14/15   


The phone call is never expected, but surely will come. A long-time client calls and says that his or her spouse has passed away . . . or the child of a client calls to report the passing of their parents. What to do? Were they prepared? Was their estate in order?

The California Probate Code is the law that controls anything to do with a deceased person’s property. The Probate Code governs real property, personal property, intellectual property, and any other rights to property. The Probate Code governs the estate whether the person died with a Will or without a Will and also whether or not the decedent’s estate was held in a trust. It does not matter whether the trust was revocable or irrevocable, the Probate code still governs.

We notice that in the estate planning, financial planning, and probate worlds, the word “probate” has been vilified and made out to be some dirty word or revolting process that is to be avoided at all costs. While in most cases it is the goal to avoid the attention and involvement of the probate court, all estates are governed by the probate code under the jurisdiction of the probate court. Typically, when you hear that an estate goes through “probate“, it means that in order to administer the estate and distribute the

assets, the administrator or executor of the estate needed to petition the probate court to determine and allow distribution. This petitioning process is referred to as “probate.” The process will be outlined later in this material.

The Probate Code specifically states what actions need to be taken, who needs to perform the actions, and who needs to be notified. The Personal Representative, Executor, or the Trustee of the deceased’s estate has a big job to do. The job must be done correctly and timely.

There is, however, something wonderful about helping someone manage a loved one’s estate. When you have the knowledge, expertise, and inclination to so, it can be a great experience involving professionals from different industries who provide the advice necessary to calm the client and help them through a process that begins unexpectedly. 


About The Speaker

  Gary Quackenbush operates his Financial Solutions law practice, GQ LAW, out of the Rancho Bernardo area in San Diego, California. Since 1988 his emphasis has been tax and financial problem solving and implementing solutions for tax problem resolution such as; Offers in Compromise, audit reconsideration, appeals, installment agreements, bankruptcy, federal district court actions, federal tax court actions, etc.

  His estate planning practice focuses on wills, trusts, and estate administration including probate court work. His office handles civil litigation cases such as personal injury, contract disputes, property disputes, and business matters. His business consulting involves choice of and formation of business entities such as sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, and Limited Liability Companies.

  Gary received a Bachelor of Science degree in business finance from Brigham Young University in 1984. He received his Juris doctorate from California Western

School of Law in 1988. He is admitted to practice in all courts in the state of California and in all courts in the state of Colorado, US Bankruptcy Court in the Southern and Central Districts of California, Federal District Court in the Southern and Central districts of California, Federal District Court and US Bankruptcy Court in the District of Colorado,and U.S. Tax Court.

  Gary is the host of his own radio show “GQ on the Law” on KFSD 1450 AM - 6pm Thursdays. He is a weekly guest on the “Word on Wealth” radio program with Marty Schneider on KPRZ 1210 AM – 5pm Tuesdays, and is a weekly co-host of the Craig Sewing Radio Show on KCBQ 1170 AM – 6pm to 8pm on Weekdays. The Craig Sewing Show is sponsored by the “Real Estate Radio Network.




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